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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2006 07:55 pm
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Doesn't PA have an election coming up? I guess Lynn Swann is running on the Republican ticket. I've not heard ANY good things about your current governor. People who have "little" complaints about their own governor should look to yours and feel better about their situation.

BTW, I also have a problem with casinos. Just like the lottery, they are kind of like a "voluntary" tax on the poor and the money doesn't EVER seem to go where it's supposed to. Although people with a little more money are more likely to go to the casinos.

Gambling probably brings way more problems than it brings benefits. I'm SO glad that the Indy Colts new stadium is not being funded, in part, by putting slot machines in Indianapolis. (There's a 1% tax hike on restaurant food and beverages.)


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