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 Posted: Sat Mar 4th, 2006 04:11 am
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 Those of you not living in Pennsylvania have not idea of the opposition to the Gettysburg casino. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania where a casino is being proposed. It is to be owned by the same Indian tribe running the casino in New England. Do you think they care about Pennsylvania or profit? Sixty-five to sixty-eight percent , depending on the poll you listen to, of all Pennsylvanians oppose the Gettysburg casino. If by " local issue" you mean a Pennsylvania issue you are right. We in Pa. will see little benefit from casinos.

 Most Pa. resident feel as I do that if a casino does not harm an area it is fine. In the case of Gettysburg only harm can come of a casino. As for the convention center that will not have anywhere the impact a casino will on the area.  We have several convention centers and an arena in our area that have no noticable impact on the area. Gettysburg on it own does not rate a casino. It is too small an area to support one. Only the National Park in Gettysburg and the tourism it brings will support one. More than enough historical property has been lost to greed why add more.

Those of you who live outside Pennsylvania should do more research on the casino issue before commenting. Since money talks you are only hearing the money side of the issue. There is a hearing on April 5th on the issue check the feedback given at the hearing.

Lastly is anyone besides Indy interested in saving Civil War sites for the future? From what I see here I have my doubts.

Thank you


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