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 Posted: Sun Nov 25th, 2007 05:45 pm
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I have several favorites, but you'll have to qualify your question a little for me to answer that one. Greatest geenral in terms of what? Win-loss record? Overall accomplishments? Best use of forces at hand?

I don't ask this to be difficult, but because in terms of the above three questions I think there are three different answers.

I need to think about this one a bit. Stuart did great things before logistical difficulties began to hinder him. Sheridan was a great general, but I'm undecided about whether or not he was a great cavalry general. Forrest fought well, but how effective was he in the end, other than a big victory at Brice's Crossroads? Wilson and others did some impressive things during the Atlanta campaign (Sherman's Horsemen, incidentally, is an excellent book on cavalry, and very affordable on Amazon). Hampton and Fitz Lee were no slouches.

Buford's a favorite, but we serned in the same regiment, so I admit a good deal of bias. 8^)

Hmm, this might be a good blog topic and get answers from the field....

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