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 Posted: Mon Nov 26th, 2007 01:20 am
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Conductor Bill

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Greetings All!

I hope someone will offer an "All Aboard" as I sign up for this exciting board!

I was searching for information regarding the not to far off civil war sesquicentennial and found this site.

A little background ... am a "train nut" (to the point of owning two railcars from the postwar streamliner era) who enjoys all things old.  Discovered this fascinating thing called re-enacting about 6 years ago during a "walking through history" event in my home town.  It included history buffs from many time periods, including Civil War, of course. I'm personally too wrapped up in trains to get into re-enacting but it looks like great fun.  It was that "walking through histroy" event, though, that inspired me to incorporate that aspect into my "period train trips" that I operate between LA and San Diego twice a year ... with a WWII theme. I invite a handful of re-enactors on board who transform the trip into a "time machine"! 

As I'm sure all of you have ... greatly enjoyed Ken Burns Civil War program. It's really ignited a spark of inguiry for me regarding the war.

The reason for joining this board ... I'm hoping to learn more about the civil war as I want to operate a "Civil War theme vacation/train trip" as the 150th anniversary approaches.  Will be eager to learn more about interesting destinations (especially those located near main Amtrak stations ... as it is Amtrak that pulls our vintage cars) that reak Civil War!

Not sure if I will be succede, but have tried to attach a photo showing a "scene" at San Diego, CA.  The photo shows yours truly as conductor, plus one of my porters and a couple re-enactors in WWII uniforms ... shot last year!

Many thanks for your indulgence ... I am more 40's focused, but am fascinated by the Civil War era too!

-conductor bill

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