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 Posted: Sat Mar 4th, 2006 12:22 pm
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FYI, I was born and lived for more than 40 years in Allentown, Pa., and still have a son and several grand-kids living there. I've only been gone 5 years. I lived there during the uproar of Penn National being built, and lived there and well remember the similar cries of "the sky is falling" when OTB parlors were proposed and passed. I think my qualifications as both a Pennsylvanian and a person knowlegable of the gambling issue in Pa. stand on their own.

As you can see browsing this board, we have conversations about varying controversial topics, and they are always kept congenial. While I appreciate your passion about this topic, please refrain from questioning the dedication of others regarding Civil War preservation, and do not tell others they need to "do more research". Agreeing with you is not a pre-requisite for either a historian, a preservationist or a person knowlegable on any given subject. Also, do not cast dispersions on the motives of others, such as "you are only hearing the money". Not only are you wrong, but it's not your place to say it.

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