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 Posted: Mon Nov 26th, 2007 11:30 pm
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E Pluribus Unum

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Nu Ar Det Jul Igen...

I make a mean meatball and rice pudding.  I'm actually going to the lodge this weekend for the smorgasbord and pagent.  Look for me, I'll be at the place where the parking lot is FILLED to the brim with Volvos. (Star boy's costumes and the culture of Inglewood, CA don't mix btw.  Lots of confusion.)  Ahhhh, good times good times.  My boys graduated from tompte to gingerbread boys.  Proud moment that will be marked with no less than 100 photos.  I would not miss it for the world and now my kids look forward to it every year.  My job has been accomplished. 

The Chef was always my favorite Muppet.

:D uff da

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