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 Posted: Tue Nov 27th, 2007 06:16 am
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Good to see you on the board, again, Doc!

Good topic.

Ole said the first thing that came to my mind concerning the early points of your post far better than I could have :  "At the time, these were not considered problems. They failed at a number of things, to be sure, but their aim was to form a nation -- not diddle with such minor things as Indians, slavery and the ERA. Just a thought."

However, as to the statement:  

"Short observation: State's rights had nothing to do with anything." 

Huh?  My mind is boggling.  I can't agree that.  And, even if "It was simply a fear of what might be that gave rise to secession sentiments" the fear was still real, and was based in the reality of state's rights, and of how they could be diminished.  Unless I am misunderstanding what you meant, Ole. 




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