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 Posted: Wed Nov 28th, 2007 01:03 am
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Jumping back two posts:

Argument alert, argument alert!  Paging Private Clewell please!

(of course, he won't be on my side, but that's why I'm paging him, an argument with The Generals, Pvt. Clewell and Ole, leading their ways is most exciting, and we haven't done it in awhile. :):)

OK, Ole, typical northen propaganda #%$##%$##%$# 

Ole, the victors get to write history to celebrate themselves.  The slavery thing is a huge cross to bear, and Y'All know how I feel about that.  As well as about poor men fighting the rich men's war, when it came to That Pecular Curse on Humanity as a cause.

Spent a long time researching Southerner's individual reasons for fighting the war, and the best reason I ever heard for that or any war was from a "cracker" whom said he was fighting "because You're here" (I cleaned up his accent a little, but added no words....

That aside,  let's make it a little deeper than all those "preface cliches" that northeners write in thier books, showing that they would like to give some respect to The Confederates, while denigrating them all the same.

Gotta go cook dinner, back later, looking forward a hornet's nest,

General Private Clewell, come in, please...dang it, whose turn was it to watch him this time, he's probably reading relevant and important books now...


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