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 Posted: Thu Nov 29th, 2007 01:18 am
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"In your saddle bag, bring an example."

Alright, Ole.  But I'm gonna have to pull out my McPhersons and spend another night at the campfire.  Shouldn't take much, tho.  ;)

Now, academically, let me point out that by human nature, every person is biased.  We are subjective by nature, there is no such thing as a truly "objective observer". Even every good set of scientific data must have it's "bias" calculated.

The questions to ask with each historian are: where is his/her bias?, how does he/she deal with it? and, how severe is it?

Now, You and McPherson may share the same bias, so he seems less biased to you than he does to me.

Shoot, now I realize that, in order to illustrate his particular bias, I am going to have to use another well-respected and accepted historian or two's works as a comparison/control.  Dang, it, you're demanding:P:  "give me an example, give me an example of the example".... can we get down to really argung after this one?=+++

Just because I would have demanded an example in the saddle bag same as you did doesn't make me any happier about it;).


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