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 Posted: Sun Mar 5th, 2006 03:35 pm
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  You are correct in both regards; the slots issue is for Pa residents to decide and the Gettysburg casino issue ultimately belongs to the Adams Co. and area residents. Like I said I was against this plan long before the Gettysburg controversy developed. When I first heard of the Chance plan it was, for me, adding insult to injury. But I guess I missed your point in regards to the role of the CWPT.

  After considering your statement as well as Basecat's, I tend to agree that the CWPT should be using their money more wisely, as in the recent Glendale purchase. I guess I am guilty of getting caught up in "Gettysburg fever" at times and tend to forget the real preservation threats to area such as Spotsylvania Co. However I still am glad that both the CWPT and FNPG voiced there opposition to this and created awareness. I still stand by my friends and relatives in the Gettysburg area who are in opposition to this. We on the outside can only hope for the best outcome. As Basecat stated the location really has a slim chance of getting approval over other areas applying for a license. It seems my local area in Allentown/ Bethlehem has a better chance. ( By the way Javal, I hope your son is not affected by the big pension issue in the city of Allentown. That is shaping up to be a real mess for the residents there. I just moved out of the area to Berks Co. 3 years ago)

  By the way I just came back from a seminar in Gettysburg that discussed Troy Harman's book "Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg". I would recommend it to anyone interseted in a thought provoking view of Lee's generalship. Although I must admit that I am biased as I attended several of Troy's tours and am in his camp when debating the battle:).

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