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 Posted: Fri Nov 30th, 2007 09:27 pm
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Since it is obviously incongrous with the rest of the States Rights and Slavery thread, I guess I should step out of the shelter of said thread to continue with the "author bias" train of thought,  which started with this exchange:

Ole:  " Among the stable of published historians, name one who writes with a bias."

Me:  James M. McPherson.:P

Rightfully, Ole asked me defend this charge, and we had a couple more back-and forth's.

Maybe no one but Ole and I are interested in this one, so I'll start slow, but I already have plenty more in my arsenal.

Simply this to begin with:  in the preface to The Illustrated Battle Cry of Freedom, page XIII, the iconic McPherson states, ".....I have chosen a narrative framework to tell my story and point it's moral" (italics mine). 

Since when is it the unbiased historian's job to openly moralize? 

I do think of McPherson as more a socialogist than historian, but that is a relatively small point.

Anyway, there's my opener, can continue on if called on to do so.


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