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 Posted: Fri Nov 30th, 2007 10:52 pm
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Yes, Agreed, TD.

Last Wednesday, in reply to Ole, in the SR&S thread, I wrote,

 "Now, academically, let me point out that by human nature, every person is biased.  We are subjective by nature, there is no such thing as a truly "objective observer". Even every good set of scientific data must have it's "bias" calculated.

The questions to ask with each historian are: where is his/her bias?, how does he/she deal with it? and, how severe is it?"

(Yeeks, feels weird quoting myself).

Does this work for you?

And then comes the question, at which point does a bias become a notable bias?

(I liked being hidden in the shadows of the SR&S thread when it comes to this, but it just didn't jive with the other posts...)

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