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 Posted: Fri Nov 30th, 2007 11:38 pm
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Name one published historian with a notable bias? How about Michael Bellesiles? He was a historian at Emory who published Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture. It was awarded the bancroft prize by Columbia University? Hailed as a revolutionary piece of work, it challenged conventional wisdom about the status of firearms in American culture. Basically, the author asserted that firearms were not prevelant in colonial through mid 1800's (through the colonial years in fact, till the aftermath of the Civil War)-and even then not to the point many would believe.

Unfortunately for this much heralded, respected historian his radically different claims, when compared to the status quo up till that time, drew too much attention from others of a different view. While gun control groups were too busy praising the work to question its merits, pro-gun groups and other historians were checking facts. In the end, it was found that Mr. Bellesiles had either skewed sources to back up his claims, or made them up entirely.

As a result, even the gun control groups that had so loved his conclusions could not ignore the massive fraud that had taken place, and he was stripped of his awards and the book publisher halted circulation.

Now, this is certainly an extreme example, but that does not mean we cannot take lessons from it.

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