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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2007 12:32 am
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Kentucky Orphan has brought up an excellent but extreme example. It's difficult to vet who is objective and who is not.

For me the biases that stick out are Dilorenzo and his outright fabrications, distortians and creative editing. Frankly though he is who stands out. I can think of no other that I would consider a reputable author exhibiting bias.

Over the years I've heard Sword, Edwards, Glathaar Trudeau and others described as having both a Southern or Northern bias depending upon who was talking.

Most of what I've seen are examples of someone not liking what was written claiming bias.

I gurantee in certain circles anything at all that Ole or I would say would be considered anti southern. Heck I've been referred to as the anti christ by some. Me? And I even admit I'm a touch to the right of Genghis Khan!

We've had threads like this on several boards in the past and they always seem to go nowhere.

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