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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2007 05:54 am
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BTW, I wish to say that while this is a good topic for debate, I think that I  have done Ole a disservice by making him out to be less insightful and more rigid than I meant to when I moved this discussion from the SR&S thread.  Ole gives me leaway and lets me joke and tease, and this all started out in fun mode, with an underlying seriousness.

I believe that Ole and I respect each other though we often disagree, and he gave me acedemic freedom to express myself, and I accidently may have misrepresented a bit of his original humor here as narrow-mindedness.

Sorry, Ole, I guess I didn't translate to this thread well. 

Never-the-less, Ole, it is a good debate, and I would be happy to carry it on, just please accept my apologies if I made you seem less "ept" than you were being.  Which was very "ept".

Thank you,


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