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 Posted: Mon Dec 3rd, 2007 01:51 am
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JoanieReb wrote: Since it is obviously incongrous with the rest of the States Rights and Slavery thread, I guess I should step out of the shelter of said thread to continue with the "author bias" train of thought,  which started with this exchange:

Ole:  " Among the stable of published historians, name one who writes with a bias."

Me:  James M. McPherson.:P


My question would be 'is McPherson biased *because* of his research or *in spite* of it?' If the former, bully for him; if the latter, watch out.

Albert Castel gets skewered for his 'anti-Sherman bias'. Interestingy, in his preface, he writss that he was a Sherman fan prior to resarching 'Decision in the West' but his research lead to a different conclusion which he then passes on to the reader.

Historians are not journalists; their job is to distill facts and actions into lessons.



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