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 Posted: Tue Dec 4th, 2007 02:53 pm
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As I grew up it was generally called the "War Between the States". Only in school was it called the Civil War.
I have friends and customers that refuse to call it the Civil War. In most meetings with the SCV they refuse to call it the Civil War.
I think most comes from the failed doctrine of the "Lost Cause".
That being said we recently had a number of meetings here in SC concerning the upcoming sesquicentennial and at each meeting the State organizer said we will refer to it as the Civil War as that is the common name for the war and Federal money is tied to the name the Civil War, not any other name. If we were to use another name possible Federal funding could be in jeopardy.
In addition today we now have a much greater understanding and empathy for the black story during the war. So the name Civil War is relatively neutral and when one speaks of the war everyone know what we are speaking about.
It's funny how we get so hung up on names even when the debate within, about the name, is detrimental to the historical study.

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