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 Posted: Tue Dec 4th, 2007 05:16 pm
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There are examples of peaceful secession, Hank. Someone on another board is fond of citing Norway and Sweden. However, discussions of same usually involve two countries severing a tie -- not one country splitting.

Ft. Sumter was US property and deeded legally to the US government. It was built to defend Charleston from foreign naval invasion. It was not the property of South Carolina, whatever kind of nation it called itself. That SC could declare itself an independent nation does not change the fact that it had contracted with the "foreign nation" to encourage it to build an island and thereon build a fort to protect its interests. And then it changes its mind and declares: mine! That ain't 21st century eyes, Bama.

Try this. If we are neighbors and we both desire a shed to park our mowers in. So I build a shed on your lot. Gives us both a stake -- your lot, my building. Now, years later, you say it's your building because it's on your lot. And my John Deere SST15 is also yours.

Somewhere in there, saying my building is actually yours, because you say it is, misses a rather large point.


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