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 Posted: Tue Mar 7th, 2006 04:25 am
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Secondly, I'm pretty sure that everything in and around Gettysburg saw some action. Perhaps not major battle, but there were either troop movements or camps. Wasn't Camp Letterman near this particular location?


Yes, it was in that same area, and built upon by the same guy who is trying to get the Casino thru.  That said, the CWPT really made no effort in terms of saving that land back when they had a chance to, and that is one of the major problems I have with their thinking.  As for where the Casino is supposed to be built, not denying that soldiers rode over the area, but that's getting way too technical for me as to being a historic event. 

As for being negative, point I was trying to make is that is not the only way to get to Downtown Gettysburg off of US 15, but those in charge of the CWPT's efforts down there sure have made it known that it is, and that's not right either.

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