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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2007 03:11 pm
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If there were no slaves then I don't believe the plantation society or even small agrarian communities would have ever started or prospered.
Keep in mind it was in many cases the plantation class that supported the American cause during the Rev. War. The small non slave holding farmers of the interior were ambivalent at best about the Rev. War and many supported the Crown.
It wasn't until the excesses of the British that most turned their backs on the British and joined the American cause, particularly in states like North and South Carolina.
When we look deeply into the causes and sides taken in the Rev. War in the South religion takes as much a center stage as the British cause did.
So without the plantation class and their cause to battle the Crown during the Rev. War we may have never fought for our independence, we may have stayed a colony of the British.
Now we go forward 50 or so years. Putting the slavery question aside for a minute, we can look into other causes of regional differences including the tariffs and taxes. Many in the South were fed up with having to do most of their banking and almost all industrial processing in the North and when the banks in the North failed having to bail out the Northern banks. So we have the tariff question as well.
However as alluded to if there were no slaves the South would have probably been just a region of yeoman farmers with no real power and wealth. Other than some shippers and factors in the port cities the South would have been dirt poor.
One only has to look at the three main cash crops of the period to see that without exception they could not have been economically viable without slavery. Indigo, rice and cotton.
Even if the Southern plantation owners could find labor in the form of indentured or paid persons they could not have survived working the Sea Islands or inland rice fields due to disease, where as many of the slaves from the West Indies and Africa had at least some immunity from diseases like Malaria.
Just a few things to ponder.

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