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 Posted: Thu Dec 6th, 2007 05:22 am
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I'd like to say hello to you all and just say that you have a very nice site here.  I've been on many a political website/forum over the past 1/2 decade (maybe a tad more) and I've never come across one that was dedicated to a subject singularly as this one appears to be.

I must be living under a rock I guess, but it's a fascinating concept.

Anyways, I found you guys through the WowUltra support pages as I've just started a new site (which is today's politics in it's roots) and I was intrigued by your URL as I am a huge History fan and although I don't know specifics about many battles in the Civil War, I am aware of the major players and have always found it interesting.  In fact, I just finished watching Gods & Generals with my two boys and found it to be a very well done movie (considering it was Hollywood).

Please feel free to merge this with any other "hello" topic you feel fit to merge with so as not unnecssarily take up board space, I just wanted to say hello.  I shall attempt to read what I can here and I think you've given me an idea how I may be able to incorporate a retro history platform for my new board as a way to educate those who may know even less than I.

Kudo's to the ownership and thankyou for your time.





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