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 Posted: Sat Dec 8th, 2007 05:29 pm
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Doc, when I was teaching first grade gifted kids I had a family of girls  that over the years I taught.  When the second one of the group was in my class the mom had her fifth and last daughter.  The baby was a premie, so tiny as others have said you could hold her in the palm of your hand.  Mom had to be in bed most of the pregancy Dad had his hands full.  The daughter in my classroom and I bonded .  We still stay in touch to this day. 

She could have hated the baby for taking all the attention but we worked with her to make the baby hers.  The little one had to have a shunt , couldn't come home for a long time from the hospital , I believe she was seven weeks premature .  Not much hope was given to her.  They told the parents the chance of retardation was 80 per cent. 

The two sisters, the one that was in my class at the time and the little premie bonded . Everything the older one did the little one had to do and do better. 

Six years later the child with 80 percent chance of retardation was in my gifted program.  She did well all the way though.  In high school she went into the theatre arts program .  I never missed one of her plays . She was the star of the company each play for four years.   She went on to a conservatory for theatre .  I saw her play the mother in Glass Menagerie last spring.  Thanks to some wonderful doctors for saving this talented young lady's life as a premie. 

I also had a roommate in college that had been a premie blinded by too much oxygen. She never let her blindness be a handicap.  She vaulted over the vaulting horse in gymnastics.  Last I hear of her she was marrying a ski instructor she met when she took skiing lesson and moving to Colorado. 

Thanks Doc for all you do . 


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