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 Posted: Sat Dec 8th, 2007 08:58 pm
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It would seem, Doc, that giving the gift of life is about all you can or ought to do; however, imperfect or chancy. The old saw: anything is better than nothing.

Is it better to live with whatever impediments than it is to die? I'm not into eugenics to that degree. And so, I have no comment other than that every life is sacred, however flawed.  Your oath is to do no harm. It need not be taken a greater extent. Are you doing harm by preserving a life that will ultimately prove to be useless? I won't make that judgement. And I will cheerfully oppose anyone who presumes to make that judgement.

Would civilization be better off without that burden? Unquestionably. Ought civilization be trusted with the distinction? No way! We pays our money under the existing moral rules, and we takes our chances. That we get a few aberrations is to be expected. But the moral rules do not permit letting this or that one die without a chance. And, in that, my hat is off, sir.


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