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 Posted: Mon Dec 10th, 2007 01:03 am
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When I was a boy my Mother had some 78 records that I would play for hours..Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Gene Autry and all the greats..For some reason today a song sprung into my brain and the words came to me like I heard it yesterday, except for the middle part of the song...I do not remember who sang the song but I think I do remember the name of it.."Jesus and the Drunkard"..I remember the tune...This is what I have of the song and I am sure some of you Old Timers out there heard it when you were young and may be able to direct me where to get the rest of the words..An internet search comes up empty for me...

One Saturday Night in a Barroom, A Gospel singer walked in

And braveley she read from her Bible, and begged them to turn from their sins

Oh come on to Jesus she pleaded, He'll be your staff and your Rod

When one of the drinkers said to her, well I dont believe in your God

I rightly dont know how you prove him, that stack of lies that you said

If there is a God up in heaven, Idare him to strike me down dead

The silence that followed was awful, the others stood there in fear

But the drunkard just laughed and kept saying, why doesn't your Jesus appear

Then one from the other that stood there, said that's enough of that now

What makes you to think that Lord Jesus, would bother with you anyhow

Your only a bum and a drunkard, and nothing that you could say

Would lead up to God in his heaven, and make Him go out of his way


Then came the voice of a stranger, who was right outside the door

A stranger who was passing by for no one had seen him before


Thats where my mind goes blank........


ending is

The night Jesus appeard in a Barroom and told of Gods wonderful Way

K thats it I need help its driving me nuts....



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