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 Posted: Mon Dec 10th, 2007 10:11 pm
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It has been my experience that e-mails and even board replies tend to be off the cuff and full of inacuracies, mispellings, gramatical errors and shallow thoughts/research....I am including myself in this as I am as or more guilty than anyone.
Letters and other papers require thought, organization prior to commitment to paper (electronic communication seems to be organized on the fly)and research. As a result they are more worthy of being held to posterity.
How many times have you written a post, believed you were crystal clear in your argument and posted it only to read a short time later and wonder WHAT On Earth Was I thinking/saying/trying to get accross?
I know it is a problem for me partly because I take a few minutes to look on the board, read something, respond right away and go back to work..realizing only later I have missed points, misstated facts and concepts, and make all the errors mentioned above.
I am coming to believe all posts/e-mails should come with automatic forgiveness.....


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