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 Posted: Tue Dec 11th, 2007 12:28 am
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Welcome to the board,

My guess is that your ancestor was a member of the 81st Pa. Infantry, which had a Clayton D. Grist in their unit. Your guess on Farmville is probably correct, as the 81st had an engagement there on the date of his death....

Continuing its pursuit westward on April 7, the brigade encountered the temporarily entrenched enemy at Farmville (50 miles west of Petersburg). Ordered to force the Confederate position here, division commander General Miles sent the 81st PA, 2nd NYHA, and part of the 5th NH to envelop the enemy’s left. The attack, however, became suicidal. Made against superior numbers and over broken ground, it was repulsed severely, although counterattacks were beaten off. The Confederates abandoned this position at midnight, and the next day the brigade reached Holliday Creek (10 miles east of Appomattox/60 miles west of Petersburg) by late afternoon.

Welcome again, and good luck on your search.

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