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 Posted: Tue Dec 11th, 2007 06:59 am
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I still have some serious replying to do to the Author Bias and Slavery and States Rights threads - wouldn't bring it up except that I promised and WANT TO, just need a few books and a few moments.

I'm not avoiding Y'All, just, this weekend, I lost a dog and gained a son. The dog was eleven years old in people years, she was the alpha female of our small pack, and her passing was too early and very sad. The son is seventeen in people years, and his mother has been declared unfit, his father is absent, and we have known him for a year-and-a-half, and love him. It looks like his only chance of finishing high school out is to move in with us. He is a Living Doll (WAY!!!! too much so!!!!) I'm giving it a shot....

Having put serious locks on Young Miss's bedroom door and gone out back to wow Daniel (my new "son") with my target practice, I have meaningfully asked him if he has any sort of criminal record (knowing he doesn't) only to tell him that if he touches Young Miss in a way that I don't approve of, he will....


Get back with you all later, after I figure out how to work this thing. Wish me luck!



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