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 Posted: Tue Dec 11th, 2007 01:11 pm
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Bama , that would be Andrew Jackson that had the quote on spelling .  It seems that it gets quoted in different ways but has the same meaning .  The way I heard it first was "it's a damned poor man that can only spell a word one way. "  I used that and another quote by an English historial Eileen Powers on the writing of 13th Century England to explain my spelling program to the parents of my first graders at back to school night after I attended several workshops on spelling

Since then I have also read Bell Wiley's Johnny Reb where he has a chapter on writing and spelling and a list of often mispelled words that the soldiers had in their letters. 

Larry McMurtry has a book of essays on the West called Sacagawea's Nickname .  In one of the Essays on Lewis and Clark he talks about Clarks's struggle to spell the word Sioux.  Clark spelled it 22 different ways. 

He discribes Clark's struggle with spelling thus, "Clark was one of the most difiant, as well as most inventive spellers  ever to attempt to use the English Language . . . . Despite his constant disregard for all orthographical rules Clark is never unclear; he is just exercising his right as an American to say things his own way.

I love reading these kinds of quotes as I have never been a good speller and after reading first graders spelling for almost 30 years I am never sure how a word should be spelled. 

By the way the book and the workshop I attended on spelling was called Spel is a Four Letter Word. 

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