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 Posted: Wed Dec 12th, 2007 02:36 pm
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For a pretty good discussion of the history of slavery and the use of Indian, black, and white labor the book, "Black Majority by Peter Wood, 1974" should fill in most of the cracks. He also details the history of the Rice Culture.

For a discussion of tariffs, industrialization and the agricultural south; "The Economic Divide, Northern Industrialization in America. Rickard Klineman, 1978"

For a history of rice in South Carolina; David Doar, History of Rice in South Carolina, I believe is the title.

For a discussion of slave productivity try "Agricultural Productivity in the Lower South 1720-1800 Joshua Rosenbloom"

Finally an interesting book that contrasts the non-slaveholding yeoman farmer to the slave holder is "The Free State of Jones" Byrnum I think I have her spelling correct.

I can get you more if you want but I think most will back up my basic premise.

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