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 Posted: Tue Mar 7th, 2006 06:15 pm
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The best artillerist in the war? That could be a loaded question!!! (Pun intended!!) The person that comes to mind right off would be John Pelham, also known as "The Gallant Pelham" Stuart's horse artillery chief. He rose in the ranks very rapidly and was quite young at the outbreak of the war. He had withdrawn from West Point at the start of the war, and sided with the Rebs, as he was an Alabamian. His exploits were second to none, on either side.

There were many fine artillerists on both sides, and I think it's hard to pick only one as the best. Both sides had similar, yet different organizations, which would handicap any answer. In terms of technology, supply, and sheer numbers the North certainly had an edge. But I wouldn't discount the bravery and spirit of the Confederate gunners.


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