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 Posted: Thu Dec 13th, 2007 09:33 pm
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I fear you may have an over-romanticized view of the "old south". I mean no dis-respect saying that, but you're stating some rather contradictory things. Susan make some great points. You cannot say you prefer the old south way and still say "As for womens rights I would have had my say no matter what any body else said. I'm not about to let any body run me." I'm afraid that was the culture of the times, and you would have either accepted it or been treated as a leper. As a matter of fact, in that regard, the "old north" wasn't much better.

Also, I'm not sure your assertion that "People took the time tho spend with their families." can be ascribed to a particular time or place. It's a personal priority that has unfortunately changed over the years, but one that every individual in the 21st-century can change whenever they want to.

Some years ago, I wrote an editorial which included a story of my grandfather and me. He was born in the 1880's. As a youngster , the fact that he remembered a time without cars just amazed me. I, like many young people, had a glorious view of life "back then". When I was 6 or 7, I sat in his lap, looked at him and asked him to tell me how it really was back in those days. Of course, I fully expected to be wooed by tales of glorious chivalry and a more peaceful time. Instead he looked me straight in the eye and said " was hot as hell and smelled like like horse shit." The fact that he never cussed made that statement stick in my mind all these years, and it also affected how I look at history.

Yesterday ALWAYS looks better than today. Usually, it's not true. Sorry if I bored you with this little diatribe....


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