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 Posted: Thu Dec 13th, 2007 09:49 pm
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I agree with Javal about yesterday being brighter.

Why, I can remember 10 years ago my saying how lousy things were....I lived alone, had no family, was lonely,.....complained about the price of gas, groceries, etc.....Now, looking back, those years of 10 years ago were really fun!...I was single, did what I wanted, had fun with my beer-drinkin' buddies, paid a dollar ten for gas.....Today, I pretty much still gripe about gas, can't do what I want all the time without making sure my family doesn't have other plans.....10 years from now, I'll wish my son were still 6 instead of 16 and wanting to borow the car and burn my gas at $13.67 a gallon!!.......hmmmm.....

I guess we tend to forget the "bad" parts of life from years gone by, we look at those times with nostalgia and remember the fun times most fondly!

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