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 Posted: Thu Dec 13th, 2007 09:56 pm
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Higher morals in the sense that more people went to church, albeit perhaps more for social reasons than religious conviction. More often, a woman and man married if  a child were to be born out of wedlock (maybe NOT a good thing, but they did it to avoid stigma for both their sake and the sake of the child).

Higher morals because the definition of marriage did not have to be voted on, nor was it an issue for State legislators.

People weren't so ready to steal or rob stores, banks, etc (the James/Youngers, Daltons, and the like are the excetion). Everyday, I read where some goof robbed the local gas station, or shot up a mall or college. Back then, robberies were not the norm that they virtually are today.

Higher morals in the sense that people made their own way, without having to depend on the Welfare state (I work in that arena, so I see it everyday.....Truely, you really CAN'T give some people a job)....

In reality, the bottom line is exaclty what Gus McCrae said in "Lonesome Dove": "Life is just life"....

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