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 Posted: Thu Dec 13th, 2007 10:41 pm
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Dixie, we all, at least most of us Southerners, have this somewhat romanticized view of the old South. That's what we were taught.
Unfortunately it really wasn't that way. In addition to much of what Susan had written let me put in a few. As for women's rights, they had none. If they owned property it was usually held in trust for them. When they married the husband then usually controlled all of the property.
Small farms, the women worked the fields alongside their husbands, and children, of both sexes. Once the day was over and the men went to bed you would find the women still up making clothes, spinning cotton etc.
In many areas non property owning men had no vote. You didn't elect your Governor, the legislature did it for you.
Forget death and disease. We all know about that.
Forget the plantation system of aristocrats and slavery. We know about that.
Lets examine your life. Your life is what you want to make it. There are still groups here in the US that live up to the ideals you prescribe to. The Mennonites, Quakers, and others. You have a choice here in the 21st Century. You can throw away the TV and video games. You can live your life as you see fit and still have all of the advantages of this time.
The Old South was essentially a myth. Many aspects of it was they way of the land, but it was a hard fought, hard scrapped life, each and every day.
I hope you find what you are looking for.

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