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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2007 02:38 pm
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While not a fan of historical movies, such as Gone With the Wind, in the sense that they accurately protray the life of the times in which they were set (by way of example, chage the "background" of Gone With the Wind to that of World War II. The plot and "life-style" remain the same, only the costumes change), I will over-simplify this discussion with the following:

Compare the romanticisized life of the Old South of "Gone With the Wind" to the hardships of daily, average life shown in "Cold Mountain".

As I've posted before, it's easier to remember the "good life" and the good times, than it is to remember the bad times.

I like reenacting because I have fun with my Pards.....we laugh, we joke, we play Horseshoes, we eat, we have a few drinks, shoot a cannon for 30 minutes,  return to goofing around, then go home on Sunday, in August. We don't do this everyday. We don't drill for hours on end in the rain, snow or heat. We don't have to worry about getting fresh water or enough food. We don't have horses that need to be fed, waterd and groomed before we, ourselve, get to eat or rest. We know where the "little blue houses" are. We're not in winter quarters in January, trying to forage firewood with 30,000 other troops.

My point is, it's fun to think we could live back then, because it's the fun that we experience and remember (although I've reenacted under some pretty foul conditions, those conditions were not constant.....I got to go home).

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