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 Posted: Tue Mar 7th, 2006 09:34 pm
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susansweet2 wrote: I loved the movie the Great Locomotive Race when I was a kid,  so on my trip from California to the east coast one of the side trips was to follow the route of the General and the Texas.  Now I realize the Texas did the  route backwards chasing the General.  Since I was coming from Tennesse I did the route backwards.  I started in Chattanooga and headed south. Chatanooga is where Andrew and the other raiders that were hanged are buried in the National Cemetery . They are buried in a half circle around the monument to the General. Stoppetd at Ringold to see the train station near where the chase ended.  Now I did not have a good map of all the sites so missed some . 

Next from Tunnel Hill and saw the tunnel where both the raiders and Fuller raced though. 

Missed Dalton where telegram was sent I also missed all the town between Dalton and Kennesaw but those are listed on a map in the The General and the Texas.  Stopped at the Train Museum in Kennesaw  (Big Shanty.  There you will see all sorts of items related to the Chase.  Most of all the General is the main feature.  It is amazing to see that little engine.  They have Fuller's pocket watch (he was the conductor that wouldn't give up on catching his train.  They have pictures there of all the participants on both sides.  The Raiders were the first to be given the medal of honor.    I asked the guide in the museum where the station was that they took the train from.  He pointed out the door of the museum.  Said it use to be there til Sherman came though.   Next was Marietta where the boarding house stands that was the site where they orginally boarded the train. 

Last was in Atlanta at the Cylcorama where the Texas now resides.  The little engine that went backwards

A good book to get to learn about the events, men, and where the sites are is The General and the Texas by Stan Cohen and Jame Bogle.  I bought my copy at the Museum in Kennesaw .  It has pictures of the historical signs along the route.  Wish I had had it when I was doing the trip.  Hmm must go back and do it again!!!


The museum that houses the General (I think it's now called the Southern Museum of Railroad History, or something like that), had a little handbook that gave specific directions to each of the major/minor sites of the chase.

Just to be clear, you said you did the route backwards, like the Texas. You mention the Texas was going backwards. It was going backwards (tender first), but was still going in a northerly direction, just as the General was. You probably know that, but from your post, I'm not sure.

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