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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2007 09:53 pm
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'Whether or not they fought consciously to defend slavery, Confederate soldiers undeniably fought to defend a slave society from perceived or threatened destruction. The American Civil War would not have occurred without the existence of slavery.'

I can agree whole-heartedly with the first sentence.  I mean, ding-dong, could anything be more obvious?  It is the whole thing about "the poor man fighting the rich man's war" perhaps for separate, but merging, (and manipulated) purposes.  As Ole pointed out to me earlier in this thread, that concept is just plain cliche. 

I still do not agree with the second sentence.

Geez, has anyone noticed, that James Mcpherson seems kind of biased? =+++

I wonder, if he weren't writing about slavery, could he write about anything at all?  Not that there is anything wrong with writing about slavery, to the contrary:  "lest we forget..."  But why is he saying he is CW historian, when he is a socialogist studying slavery?


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