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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 12:27 am
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I think he looks suspicious, wary, if you will. He has lowered his binoculars, but his sword is drawn. Yet he hasn't dropped to even a slight crouch. He is dismounted and standing on that rocky, weedy soil.  He may have just heard a sound in the bushes (which we don't see.) Still, the view is clear enough to have employed binoculars.

He is an officer in the horse artillery, so maybe he is exploring good sites for his cannon, but why the drawn sword? But I do think he has been taken by surprise, although a mild surprise because he hasn't dropped to the ground nor does he look ready to flee or duck behind a wall or bush for cover. 

I know. He has inadvertently gotten separated from his battallion and is lost. He may fear he has wandered into Yankee controlled terrain.

It's fun to try to guess isn't it, Joannie Reb? His uniform is in pretty good condition. He may not have seen much action in the war yet...hasn't "seen the elephant," but I wager he is about to.

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