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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 04:05 am
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Fan I am program chair for our Civil War Round Table here in Huntington Beach Ca.  Up til a few years ago our president was a woman and she could out do any man on any battlefield as to who what when and where .  She has forgotten more about some battles than others have ever known.   Our treasurer and program chair are also women.   We have two males as president but they don't do much at all. 

We pay 20 dollars a year for dues.  We meet in a local cafe in the back room once a month.  I set up speakers on various subjects.  Sometimes they are battle talks sometimes they are other subjects.  Tuesday night it will be Bohemian Brigade,  Next month is General Pickett. 

I also put out a small newsletter once a month about the speaker and related infromation. 

We have a raffle every other month of donated books which we use to support preservation . 

Our group is made up of men and women , all walks of life. 

We invite speakers every month , We don't have a budget to pay them but we buy them dinner.   Go to your local it should be funl


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