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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 07:52 pm
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Rob, our round table in Orange County Ca. has all ages.  There are a couple of famlies that are reenactors and they attend the meeting together.  Most of our members are in the age range you mentioned. I guess we are the ones that have the time to attend the meetings. Sometimes there are more women at the meetings sometimes more men.  Depends on the subject although  I was really surprised at he number of men who turned out for Mary Todd Lincoln, also we had abig turn out of women for the Antietam symposium , women who came with maps in hand to follow along . 

Our oldest member I beleive is the Great grandson of General Ord.  He only attends if it is a battle presentation .  He lectures me on a regular basis because I have had a speaker on Jesse James  twice, same speaker , did two part presentation , Jesse during the War and Jesse and the Great Northfield Bank Robber which he tied in nicely to the Civil War .  Those were two of our largest attended meetings.  The room was packed.  It helps that that speaker can read a phone book and we all would sit and listen.  He is going to do the other side of the Missouri Civil War this spring.  Can't wait. 

I have speakers coming up on The Pope's relations to Civil War,  General Pickett, Fort Pillows,  Civil War Soldiers in the Spanish American War , and Beauvour by historian for California Daughters of the Confederacy .   Try to get interesting and different types of speakers. 


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