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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 11:43 pm
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Thank you, Dennis, that is definitely a relevant and important fact, in my book.

Whew!  Pvt Clewell, I sure am glad you posted your last post here, and re-raised the bar to your ususal standards!

I was concerned.  I mean, that statement of Mc's: 'Whether or not they fought consciously to defend slavery, Confederate soldiers undeniably fought to defend a slave society from perceived or threatened destruction.'  gets my award for "DUH!!!! Statement of 2007".  Maybe he has just been quoting himself for so long that he has forgotten, in the immortal words of another icon, David St. Hubbins:  "It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever."

I was going to help you out by pointing out that one historian whom has my highest respect, Bruce Catton, also believes that there would have been no war without slavery.  (He and I disagree, as well, =+++. )

But you seem to have recovered and gone back to your sharp-minded and articulate, ways, so I will just focus on what you have said for now.

"Scuse me, I have some chewing on your post to do now....(munch, munch, munch...)


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