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 Posted: Sun Dec 16th, 2007 10:35 pm
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But Johnny knew, even before Billy did, that the war was about preserving slavery. He might not have liked that, but now he was in and couldn't very well walk out.

Yes, the war undeniably became about slavery.  Duh, Emancipation Proclamation following the politically decisive-enough victory at Sharps-tietum, where the North didn't actually lose (because, even if Lee had personally delivered his battle-plan to McClellan, LIttle Mac would not have used it to decisive advantage, such a gentleman was Little Mac! - but that's another thread.)

So it became about slavery.  I'm Still Not Convinced that it wouldn't have occurred....

BTW Ole, I'm glad you have found an author to back up McPherson, although I'll have to take a lookie-see for myself.  Allt this McPherson quoting just isn't going anywhere with me. =+++!

You know, you can actually go to any one of the Icons (Catton, Foote, and McPherson, in alphabetical order) in order to back up your arguments, just not so rabidly, and with greater total insight.  And, I can argue with all three of 'em when called on to do so.  In fact, I believe Catton makes the argument for the statement that I quoted at the beginning of this post very nicely in his preface to a book of his essays that I can't find right now - get back with ya on that...

Hmmmm....see there are five or six other posts above yours for me to take umbrage with, or some such thing....

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