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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 12:31 am
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Sounds like a good deal for both of you.  My problem is I can't stand to have books behind other books .  I want to look at the bookcase and see the book I want.   I am working on changing the back bedroom which has been a libary ever since I bought the house.  Not the best room for a libray but ole's idea for the closet might work.  I am in the process of sorting books and making data base.  Any book I will not use again , read again is going .  I have sets of mystery writers .  Complete Ed McBain etc.  I will never reread those.  Now don't touch my Nancy Drews those are sacred. 

Once I get that room redone I will turn it into my Civil War library room.  That's the goal. 

  Hopefully before another big earthquake.  Always a concern with books in high bookcases in California


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