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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 12:52 am
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When we retired, we moved into a condo that is really quite small because we didn't want the upkeep and maintenance on a bigger place. We have a fantastic view, but no room to spare. Trouble is the requirement for SPACE doesn't decline just because one is retired.

I don't have a closet to spare or a sheltered porch to build shelves. How I envy you folks with the extra space. I know culling some of the books would help, but I am glued to them and can't bare to part with them. Also, I can't really donate them because I underline, make marginal notes, draw crying faces beside sad passages, funny faces beside humorous passages, annotate maps, fill up every blank space with comments and abbreviations.

 No one could ever read a book after I have made my "mess" but I can't read any other way. For me, my books are more valubale after having annotated them and colored in maps for clarity, but only in my own mind. No one else could ever have a use for a book I have visited first.:D


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