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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 02:01 pm
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I always hear that the CS was not less Democratic than the US. Then answer me this: who ran against Davis for the Presidency? A vote w/ one name on the ballot does not smack of Democracy. What CS states had armed men at the polling places during the Secession vote? Look it up as it sure suprised me and helped explain the near unanimous votes in some areas. Why did some states take action against the US well prior to their Secession votes if they did not already know those votes were a done deal. There was some serious hanky panky going on in the voting for Secession. IMO the idea thta Secession was a unanimous southern thing is so much hooey that the Lost Cause built up after the war.

The CS govt was quite adept at ignoring it's own Constitution when it saw fit and resorted to Conscription for a very real reason at a very early stage. New CS recruits dried up for a reason and the CS deemed it necessary to change volunteer enlistments "to the duration" for a reason. The average Southerner soldier knew the war was a war fought by the poor man for the benefit of the wealthy slaveowner. Was he directly fighting for slavery? He was fighting for a nation whose very foundation was slavery; whether he wanted to or not but he knew what his govt was about. Why do you think so few mourned for the demise of the CS govt?

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