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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Don wrote: Bill,

Welcome aboard. I was a little confused about the train tour for the sesquicentennial (which is a fantastic idea, btw). Are you doing a Civil War themed one in CA, or are you looking at doing one near one or more of the battlefields? If the latter, I know Amtrak runs from Wiiliamsburg to Richmond to DC, and I'd imagine there are stops between....


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone (and sorry for disappearing ... have been running the wheels off of the railcar during Dec ... our "Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train" was wonderful ... several PH Veterans joined us and gave brief testimonies regarding that fateful day.  Awsome to hear them speak .... if only we had some recordings from the CW era!)  Don ... regarding our hoped for CW train ... it will start in CA but will run to historic sites in the east.


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