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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 05:18 pm
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Still don't buy it.
The reaction was to who was elected, not how or the democratic process. The result was a withdrawal from the Union and a formation of another similar democracy. That they were exercising their right under the Constitution and democracy to withdraw from the Union. It was not so much a political decision for the sake of democracy as it was a political reaction to the perceived policies that were to come. The South was protecting their vested interests within the framework of the democracy, as they saw it, at the time.

While we commonly refer to the system we live under as a democracy, it many ways it wasn't and isn't a true democracy. Up until 1913 Senators were elected by the state legislators, as were many Governors prior to the 20th century. The President as I alluded to earlier was elected by the Electoral College. Democracy, not a very good example of one, but the best there was at the time and that still probably holds true today.

Good discussion though!

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