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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 06:13 pm
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  I cannot agree with your contention that the south preferred defeat to ending slavery. After all, defeat MEANT the end of slavery.

  General Cleburne advocated arming the slaves and giving them their freedom in return for their service. He was more concerned with the survival of the Confederacy than with maintaining the institution of slavery.

  The peace conference with Alexander Stephens and Abraham Lincoln in February of 1865 provides further proof of what the southerners were willing to do to preserve the Confederate Government.


The Hampton Roads Peace Conference During the War Between the States by John V. Denson

  Your attention is invited to the summary made by the author:

  "In summary, the South wanted independence, not the preservation of slavery, and the North wanted reunion rather than the abolition of slavery. This is what President Lincoln had stated in the very beginning of the war and again what he had stated near the end of the war."

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