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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 07:44 pm
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"The South was protecting their vested interests within the framework of the democracy, as they saw it, at the time." - 39th Miss Walker

Every war ever fought was fought for one of two reasons...
1. National Interest
2. Economics

Jingoistic phrases are attached to the wars to bring along the masses, but these reasons are the reasons wars are fought.

to say the south seceeded because of national interest is absolutley factual.To say the Union fought because it was in its national interest to do so is similiarly factual.

A question if I may.. I have read and reread how slavery was the issue, even for non slaveholders. I have further read that there were only 25% of the population of the Confederacy... actually if one looks at the 1860 census and does a littel arithmetic, there was something like 7% of the population that were slaveholders..
Now the question... How do you get that many people to fight with the ferocity they fought, for as long as they fought and enduring the haredships they endured, for a system that either 75% or 93% of them had no stake in?

Now I am just a country boy from Alabama and I don't understand a lot fo fancy ideas, but that won't wash!


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