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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 08:51 pm
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Jeff Davis was appointed... there was no will of the people involved in it.  the "verification" vote was a sham; one candidate is not an election.  So why the self determination/ experiment in democracy argument?  The way I see it secession was an attempt at Coup de tat.

The US Constitution was written to guarantee the minority a voice. The slaveocracy & CS it controled wanted the only voice; they realized they were about to become a minority and ran off w/ everything they could get their grubby paws on.

The divorce anology can be twisted to say anything and IMO doesn't hold water in any way shape or form. It's vogue to compare the CS to an innocent put upon woman who is trying to get away from an abusive husband. The reality is that the woman snatched anything that wasn't tied down in the way of property & money then swung at the husband w/ real intent to do serious & permenant injury. The husband fought back, won the house and kids in the argument. And when all was said and done he let the kids who were chained up in the backyard loose. That one action more than anything is why Uncle Sam gets all that grief from the wifes family to this day.

BTW good old Uncle Sam was a dirty old man... that Indian woman down the road was the one who got screwed. 

Is that a valid analogy?  Having been through a divorce and seen many others go through one I find the tactic pretty shameless.  But that's likely just me and my cynical nature showing through.

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